1. Create a preset using the jQueryAdmin Admin Tool, by checking "Plugins" => "FancyBox"
  2. Save the preset in the jQueryAdmin presets folder (name it "fancybox", for example)
  3. Include the following code in your template or a code section on your page:
  4. Add the rel="grouped_elements" attribute to the links pointing to your full-sized images

    <a class="grouped_elements" rel="group1" href="image_big_1.jpg">
    <img src="image_small_1.jpg" alt=""/>
Please note: You may have to edit the default.preset file in the plugins/FancyBox folder to change the groupname to a value of your choice. ("grouped_elements" is the default, see example above.)

YouTube Videos

To show YouTube videos in a "fancy" style, add the class="fancyyoutube" attribute to the link:

<a href="" class="fancyyoutube">See video</a>

For more setup options, see Fancybox Homepage.